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These bylaws were adopted at the June 26, 2016, meeting of the KisselKar Klub in Hartford, Wisconsin.

The KisselKar Klub (the Klub) is dedicated to the preservation of the vehicles and history of the Kissel Motor Car Company (Kissel). The Klub strives to...

  1. Aid owners in maintaining, restoring and enjoying their vehicles
  2. Assemble, maintain and disseminate pertinent history of Kissel and its vehicles
  3. Maintain a list of existing Kissel vehicles and their owners
  4. Authenticate the model year of Kissel vehicles
  5. Help prospective owners locate suitable Kissel vehicles
  6. Promote the memory of Kissel and its vehicles
  7. Preserve and protect the Kissel trade name
  8. Conduct its business with minimal fanfare and without dues except for out-of-pocket expenses


A Klub Member is an individual who...

  1. Is the current owner of a Kissel vehicle; or
  2. is a direct descendant of the Kissel founders, specifically of Louis Kissel (b.1839, d.1908) of Hartford, Wisconsin; or
  3. is an Executive Director or former Executive Director of the Wisconsin Automotive Museum; or
  4. has been selected by a majority vote of the Board of Klub Directors as deserving special recognition as a member due to their past contribution or service to the Klub.

Klub Directors

The Klub's activities shall be overseen by a Board of Klub Directors (Klub Directors).

As a primary sponsor of the Klub, the current Executive Director of the Wisconsin Automotive Museum is a Klub Director.

A new Klub Director can be added at any time by a simple majority vote of current Klub Directors.

An existing Klub Director can be removed at any time by a super majority (2/3) vote of Klub Directors.

In the case of a tie vote by the Klub Directors, the Executive Klub Director is allowed to break the tie.

Executive Klub Director

The Executive Klub Director is the chief executive of the Klub. The Executive Klub Director is elected by a simple majority vote of Klub Directors for an indefinite period. A new Executive Klub Director can be elected at any time by a simple majority vote of Klub Directors.

Standing Functions

The following functions will be performed by the Klub. One or more Klub Directors will be tasked with responsibility for overseeing the execution of these functions.

  • Communications including the newsletter, website, social media (mission 1, 2 and 6; related to missions 5; needs mission 3)
  • Archives (mission 2, related to missions 1, 4, 6)
  • Registry of vehicles and members (mission 3, related to missions 1, 2, 4 and 5)
  • Authenticity (mission 4)
  • Activities (mission 1 and 6)
  • Legal (mission 7)

All Klub Directors are responsible for conducting business with minimum fanfare and expense to members of the Klub (mission 8).

Electronic Voting/Virtual Meetings

Due to the potential for significant geographical separation of Klub Directors, methods of conducting business at a distance should be employed. Consistent with mission 8, a mechanism should be developed to call for decisions, vote, tally, report and archive the results electronically, for example, via email or an electronic forum. As an example, a private on-line forum might be created that can archive discussion and votes on Klub business.

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